Why being “busy” is a waste of time

Hello busy busy readers,

I don’t have much time to write today and I’m currently chasing my publisher to publish part II of the Gift of Betrayal. However I did produce the picture below.

Busy versus productive
Be a productive Bee not a busy one.

How often have you asked someone how they are and had the response “busy“?    Perhaps you’ve been guilty of it yourself.  Certainly I have.

A while back, I took stock of what I’d actually achieved during the day, the week, and the month.  I’d achieved next to nothing that would contribute to my goals!

Most people rush around. They get sucked into other people’s busyness, dramas, agree to take on more responsibilities in their personal and work lives. When you finally get together for that catch up cup of tea, months later,  you see an exhausted “but happy [yeah right] because they’re busy” friend.

If you ever get to have that cup of tea that is.

Tea busy
Too busy to come round for tea

As a mentor and teacher, my question to my students is always. What have you achieved today? Normally the response is a list of To Do list activities. This is absolutely fab – I’m a great believer in To Do lists. Mostly because To Do lists help me keep focused.

But my question is about what they’ve achieved not what they’ve done.   Normally I will drill deeper into their To Do list activities and ask them about how each item as helped them to move closer to their dream.

Which one or two of these items on your To Do list has helped you move closer to your dreams?

My newer mentees will normally respond with silence, spluttering, go into defence mode, or have a variety of other responses, that frankly, have nothing to do with anything.

Over time, you will see more articles around the area of lack of focus and why it occurs. For now, if I could urge you to do at least one thing, just one thing every day, that will help you move closer to your dream.

If you use a To Do list then ensure that the one thing in that list has some meaning to moving you one step closer to your goal or dream.

todo list busy dream
Ensure one thing on your To Do list moves you closer to your goal

Make that one thing a priority over everything else. By everything, I mean everything. Make it a priority over that family squabble, you’ve been asked to mediate. Make it a priority over those “urgent” job requests.

Make that one thing a priority even over those disasters that need your special attention.

Some people have accused me of being cruel and unkind. But you know what? There will always be other family squabbles for you to fix. There will be other people’s dramas to get pulled into. There will be many many many more disasters that only YOU can resolve.

Busy is uncool

Contrary to today’s popular perspective, I find people who are too busy uncool and a mess.

By being busy you rob yourself and others. You rob yourself of having any kind of life (unless the life you want is a busy life). You rob yourself of being invited and attending all those events that you would like to go to if it were not for your busyness.

You rob others of your awesomeness because you are grumpy, tired and stressed out and are either in no mood or just too exhausted to have any meaningful conversation.

Every day, do one thing that will help you move closer to your dream. This thing will put priority and focus on achieving your dream(s). And if you still want to be busy, then fill the rest of your day resolving other people’s dramas and issues.

But at least take a few moments out for yourself, after all, the world and people around you, believe it or not used to sort themselves out pretty well before you came along.

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