How customer oriented are you? Find out in our property boffin IQ quiz

+ Ben Chai runs down 7 customer service scenarios that will test your customer service power! Can you find the solution to all of them?

Every professional business person is aware that in every area of business and entertainment, customer service is king. The more customer-oriented the business, the greater the repeat custom, the greater the referrals, the greater the social media feedback.

Break all the customer service rules and your business will quickly find itself on the rocks. “Quickly” being the operating word when your business is constantly being bad-mouthed in social media. Good customer service and relationships is especially important in the world of property where it’s essential to have:

  • Tenants who are going to pay on time and look after your properties
  • Great sourcing agents and estate agents who will ensure you get the best deals before they go on the market
  • Honest builders who are going to ensure you meet your renovation budgets, not drink coffee every second, and not hide shoddy building and pipe work behind tiles and stud walls
  • Smart solicitors who understand the difference between good and bad risks and don’t let their own ego and knowledge undermine your deal
  • An excellent support team who understand how overloaded and busy you will get and can cope with your moods and lack of instant reply to their emails and questions

Are you a property boffin?

So why is it that so many good intelligent people, who should know better, get it so wrong and end up robbing their customers and themselves.

Why is it that instead of creating win-win scenarios, they create win-lose, or lose-win, or worse lose-lose scenarios steeped with financial, emotional and resource losses.

Take our challenge quiz based on real life scenarios, find out why and see just how good your customer service abilities are. You get extra points for knowing the reasons your answers are correct and if you low ball the score then you need to get some extra education from the articles below.

How to deal with the uncomfortable “problem” of niceness takes the opposite approach of the quiz master.

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