Veronica Sosa: Branding via Social Media

In this impromptu interview, Veronica Sosa shares the key points of her insights into branding via social media given at the Swedish Wealth Institute.

For those with bad connections, we’ve written up a brief excerpt of our chat in note form below the video. However, when you have time and a stronger internet connection, listen to Veronica as you will get more out of her story.

Veronica shared that even prior to engaging in social media, you need to develop personal branding. She shared that three keys to personal branding include:

1. Be yourself
2. Be a giver
3. Be coachable

Once you being working on your personal branding, its time to get on-line. Veronica recommends engagement with social media to help with your marketing and branding.  Several social media sites Veronica recommends for business include Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest, Blab.

To get started in branding after setting up your website and social media, then be courageous. Get yourself photographed with, work with, surround yourselves with, and brand yourselves with highly motivated people who also have good business and life ethics

Veronica’s final words

  1. Everything is about marketing and branding. So get education and coaching in these areas if you are weak here.
  2. Get into social media and at least have a vibrant Facebook
  3. Brand yourself
  4. Separate your web page and your personal site
  5. Feel fear and do it

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