JT Foxx Interview: Success is about change

Okay, so I’ve just got off a plane from Spain – had two hours sleep and was dragged on pain of death by my good friend Frazer Grant to a UK JTFoxx event.  Thinking about it, most of 2015 I was living on two to four hours sleep a day. Anyway, I have no clue how I even got this interview but I thought I really needed to go for it.

JTFoxx had been speaking for 13 hours and had meetings to dash off to but generously gave me some of his time. Perhaps it was the tie I was wearing – who knows?

Although I was not at my best, and JTFoxx was super tired, I think we still got some insightful footage together with a few outtakes. I think my video editor thought the outtakes were amusing.

For those who have a slow internet connection or aren’t allowed to play the video do check out the brief notes from the interview below.


In this JT Foxx interview, JT Foxx shared several nuggets that you need to realise in order to become successful. Some of the nuggets mentioned include; do things that need to be done differently, align yourself with the right people, and look at how you implement your ideas.

Nugget 1: Do things differently

Although not mentioned in this interview, the actual event that I attended examined several things that people should do differently. These things included implementing an idea with 24-96 hours of getting the good idea, removing or out-sourcing non-essential or easy to do items from your to do list,

Nugget 2: Align yourself with the right people

During the event JT Foxx shared how he had continually upgraded himself and his business by getting coaching from, working with and partnering with higher and higher level people. These people did not only have great skills but also character traits such as loyalty and reliability. To explore this deeper, do read our PANDAS article on how to find the characteristics of great people to align with.

Nugget 3: Look at how you implement ideas

In nugget 1, we looked at how fast ideas should be implemented. However it is not just the speed of implementation that is important, but how the change is executed. For example, implementation of an idea without proper communication with employees and business partners might cause misunderstandings and loss of income. If there are no employees/partners to handle a huge increase in orders from a new web-funnel, then you would end up with many upset customers.

Nugget 4: To progress you need change

The fourth nugget JT Foxx shared was that in order to progress you need to change. You can’t go about doing something the same way and expect a different result.

These changes include changing your habits, the little things that you unconsciously do every day. You also need to change your patterns, the cycles we find ourselves repeating in our lives. You could also change the way you interact with others or the mediums that you interact with others. Finally, you need to change your circle of friends, and the people that you associate yourself with.

The irony of change is, entrepreneurs need to change in order to be successful but customers are resistant to change. You need to constantly evolve the way you deliver and implement your product or service, but because customers don’t want to change, you need to do it in a way that is a natural extension of your original offering.

Nugget 5: Marketing = Education = Sales

The fifth and final nugget JT Foxx shared in this interview was about marketing. JT Foxx told me this key piece of advice: “No one wants to be sold to”. When you market to someone it’s all about education, you want to add value to their lives. Today, marketing is about helping the customer make an informed decision whether they go for your product or not.

Here are the links for  JTFoxx and his organisation and some of his calendar of events around the world.

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