3 simple tricks to supercharge your way to your goals

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get really confused as to why I haven’t achieved my goal yet.

I  do everything that the success books talk about:

  • Write down your goal and a deadline. Check
  • Have the right mindset (#vague). Sort of check
  • Take action. Check

So why do I not have my perfect figure or a net passive income of £10k per month?

Stop justifying your counter-intuitive actions

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“Just five more minutes in bed will mean I have 10 times more energy!” Errr No

A few months after writing about my embarrassing dating life, and learning to look at people’s actions not their words, I started to think, “Do my actions align with my words? Do my actions align with my goals?!”

No. They didn’t. I have been lying to myself and trying to justify why I take action that is counter-intuitive to my goals. No wonder I have been feeling a subtle hint of disappointment in myself.

Here is a little example of the conversation that recently went on in my head:

One of my goals is for one of my companies to make £150,000 net passive income per year. So how many viewings or offers did you make last week? Zero. Ok, why? I wanted to focus on the current deals I have going through at the moment. Ok so are you in charge of managing all these deals? Ummm no, one of my business partners does that, I just sanity-check everything. So do you have enough time to do, say, 5 viewings and make offers in one week? Mmmm I guess.  Then why are you not? 40 offers Jess. That’s what Legacy teach, 40 offers. You know what action you need to take so JFDI (Just F’ing Do It).

So this week I did JFDI. I spent two and a half days in my investment area, viewed eight properties around my meetings and made offers on the ones I wanted. It felt good. Not great. But good. I know I could have pushed myself further.

Are these actions taking me one step closer to achieving the goal of £150,000 net passive income per year? Absolutely.

But it’s soooo tempting!

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Some many choices and they all look so good!

Here is another example that may sound familiar to you:

Let’s say you are trying to lose weight. You go round to your friend’s house for dinner. You cannot wait, she is renowned for being an incredible cook. During the main course, you ate a good portion of salad as well as the beef stew. Not too many carbs were included in dinner which you used as an excuse to eat more. You are border lining on feeling uncomfortable because you are so full. But dammit it’s so good!

Plates are cleared, there is a bit of chit chat and then gosh darn it! She brings out the most orgasmic looking dessert you have ever seen. You are already drooling before you have been offered a slice.

Obviously, you are going to say yes even though you have already eaten too much. How often are presented with an opportunity to taste something like this? You completely forget about trying to lose weight and jump on the chance to try something you have never tried before.

Let’s take a quick summary: Do you want to eat more? No. Is eating this dessert going to help you lose weight? No. Do you push those facts to the side and eat it anyway? Yep.

Do you regret the decision once you enter a food coma? Yep. So why do we continue to do it!?

Here is an interesting fact, it takes a lot of brain power to make a decision. Especially if you are being forced to make a decision on the spot. When I used to get put on the spot to make a quick decision I would panic and say “Yes” even if deep down I wanted to say “No”.

If I was viewing a property and asked if I wanted to make an offer I would panic and give my max offer straight away! Garhh, why! Then I have no room for negotiation and I have put myself in a corner.

The question I recently asked myself is “How can I ensure I make decisions and take action that is aligned with my goal?

Pre-plan non-negotiables the night before

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Write them down!


I am getting into the routine of writing my to-do list and non-negotiables the night before. It makes the following day way more productive.

Non-negotiables are things I MUST do that day and they MUST be done before I go to bed. I set a maximum of three. Getting into this routine has helped me become more self-disciplined.

For example, tomorrow:

  • I am calling my mortgage broker to discuss X deal.
  • I am setting up viewings for five properties in my investment area.
  • I am putting forward three offers (VIA phone and confirming in email) for the properties I saw last week.

I still have a bit of fear doing all three of these tasks but then I tell myself JFDI. Setting non-negotiables is great, but, there is one key factor that makes or breaks whether I stick to it or not.

Have conviction in non-negotiables

That key factor is conviction.  If I want to ensure I do my non-negotiable, then I must set them with 100 per cent conviction that I will do them. My brain has already considered these non-negotiable tasks DONE. No matter what mood I am in. Even if I am tired I JFDI.

If I say “I’ll try and do XYZ” I rarely stick to it.

Make a choice, set yourself a task and know with conviction you will stick to it.

Align your actions with your goals

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“Waking up an hour earlier means I can do loads more stuff!” YES

The sub-heading speaks for itself. To clarify I will give you an example.

Goal Aligning Actions
Create £150k net passive income per year through property
  • Create an ad which lets people know you are looking to buy property in the area.
  • Put it up in the local post office.
  • Create a hunting brief and give out to the estate agents in the area.
  • View five properties a week. Make an offer on each.

To clarify further, here is an example of non-aligning actions

Goal Non- Aligning Actions
Create £150k net passive income per year through property
  • Not making offers because of analysis paralysis and fear.
  • Sleeping in
  • Watching pointless YouTube crap about celebrities

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