7 ways to effectively channel your anger

Being a young female entrepreneur with lots of hormones going on in my body, I have a lot of mood swings (and anger).

I know. I feel for my family and boyfriend too …

I have techniques I use to get out of a bad mood but sometimes, when I am bloodthirsty angry, I don’t want to change my mood. I want to punch and scream at everyone. Society tells us this is not a good thing to do.

I agree.

However, society also tells us that if we are angry we “need to calm down”. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you to “calm down” when you are seeing red?

Well, for some reason the words “F**** you” fall uncontrollably out my mouth while my eyes bulge out my face and I generally hope they poo their pants while solemnly swearing to never say those two words again.

Psychotic behave aside, I want to share why being angry can be a great thing and how to use it to accelerate you achieving your goals.

What to do when Anger strikes

First, here are a couple of things I like to do when anger strikes :):

  1. I acknowledge my anger and let myself know it’s OK to be angry. I like to say to  myself “I’m f***ing angry and that’s f***ing OK.”
  2. I never let myself suppress anger

Note: unless I am in a business meeting. Then I do my best to keep it under control. But as soon as I am out of that meeting and in my own space, all hell breaks lose.  

Back in my younger days, I used to suppress my anger. This lead to headaches, I started thinking negatively and I criticised myself more with my internal dialogue. This lead to getting in a depression spiral, I hated life and I noticed by body getting ill.

All that started because I suppressed anger… DON’T SUPPRESS ANGER! Got it? I know there’s lots of scientific research on this so if you are interested, I highly recommended googling something like “Does suppressing anger cause illnesses in the body?”

Why can being angry be a great thing?

You are powerful

If you are angry, it means you have a lot of energy. This is a fantastic thing. Do you have any idea how powerful you are when you have this much energy inside of you? You know that feeling when you are so angry you have superhuman strength. You don’t give a f*** about what people think or the consequences.

Hulk, hate, success, ego

You f***ing powerful beast.

Now accelerate achieving your goals

Firstly, grab a pen and paper. Off the top of your head, what are goals you have been waiting to achieve? i.e. Lose 5kg by going to the gym; place five offers on the properties you viewed last week.

Often I realise these are goals I have been procrastinating on because “I’m scared of making the offers” or “I’ve been too tired to go to the gym”. You might realise the same.

Great now you’ve got your goals, what actions do you need to do to achieve them? If you need some ideas I have listed my own personal ones below (property and non-property related):

Property related angry action list:

Email/call the agents and submit offers

Be polite but direct – when I’m angry, I don’t give a crap what they think so I am more than happy submitting my justified cheeky offer. If you haven’t got offers ready yet, see points below.

Get S*** Done

Tell everyone you live with not to disturb you for the next hour or two then lock yourself in a quiet room with your laptop. If possible, put your phone on flight mode so you can focus without getting digitally disturbed.

Analyse those effing deals you have been meaning to analyse

Work out the monthly cash flow and your max offer

Here’s my thought process: How many do you need to become richer than the person you are angry at? That’s right.

Don’t get even, get richer.

Imagine their face.

Then double it. Double their salary or whatever they make.

Once you have purchased your holidays and fancy cars or whatever floats your massive yacht, use your wealth to become a better human being than them. Give generously to worthy causes. By this point you’ll be so amazing you will have mastered the art of forgiveness. But in the meantime, let this anger fuel you to achieve more.

Non-property related angry action list

Go for a run or to the gym

Let the anger fuel you to achieve a new personal best on the weights or treadmill. When you start getting tired, REMEMBER HOW ANGRY YOU ARE. ARRRGHHHH, YOU WILL HIT YOU WEIGHT AND BODY FAT GOAL – Afterwards I feel amazing. Ahhh all those endorphins being released, makes me so happy AND I achieve a new personal best 😛

Create a meal plan for the week. 

Most people have health goals. I have found a crucial factor in me getting into shape is my diet. The weeks where I notice significant results are the ones where I have planned my meals and therefore avoid late night snacking and eating out.

However, I find creating meal plans and shopping lists a ball ache. I can only do it when I have a lot of energy.

So when I am angry, it’s a perfect time – Personally, I hate using my laptop when I’m angry so I grab an A4 notepad and pen, lie on the floor and write ‘Day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner’  at the top of the page. Then the days of the week under the ‘Day’ column. 

Write and create.

Grab that emo notepad. Go somewhere peaceful (I like nature :)) and write about your feelings through song/poem/spoken word…blog post (guilty!).

Or if you are more a painter, great. Picture grabbing your brushes, some plain paper and go where you feel drawn too. – There is a creative genius in us all gagging to come out, let’s finally make the time to let it out.

Go for a walk

ideally in nature or by some kind of water formation, such as a river or lake. I find water very calming. Most importantly, GET YOUR STEPS IN!

If anyone is with Vitality health or has a step tracker, they will understand the importance of hitting the 10k and 12.5k step mark.


Anger fills you with energy. This is a powerful energy. Focus on what goals you want to achieve and focus this powerful energy on tasks that help you reach your goal.

The seven actions that I take are:

  1. Submit offers whilst not giving a f*** about what the agents will think
  2. Focus my anger into work
  3. Analyse deals whilst focusing on surpassing on who I want to beat
  4. Get some exercise!
  5. Produce a Meal Plan (or something you’ve been putting off)
  6. Create something, channel that anger into a creative task
  7. Go for a peaceful walk

How do you channel your anger? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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