Marja Katajitso: How to Unleash your Inner Talent

Many people have valuable hidden inner talents that can be used to increase their impact and contribution to the world. Marja Katajitso and Ben Chai share how you can find those hidden talents.

Everyone has an inner talent or even a set of inner talents. These hidden inner talents are created and matured as a result of following your passions and doing the things that you love doing.

But how can you unlock those talents? How can you leverage those talents? In this video, Marja Katajitso (also Marja Eklund) and Ben Chai share some of the tools you can use to unleash your inner talents.

Should you have a slow internet connection or cannot hear the interview, Marja’s hidden talent finder tips is summarised below the video. However, if possible, we recommend you watch and listen to Marja to get more insights on your hidden talent than our notes provide.

What is a Talent?

We all have some sort of talent. From basic party tricks to skill sets that can bring you unlimited wealth. Marje likens a talent to something that is innate inside you, something that has reached the core of your being and refuses to let go.

A great way to think about “talent” is by answering the question, “how do I bring value to people?”

You may immediately be able to answer this question. Instinctively pinpointing who you bring value to and how you do it. To take a business example, you may love looking at spreadsheets. The rows upon rows of formulae and the sheer wall of information appear to you as beautiful as a tropical sun set. As a result, you can take that talent for sorting data and help someone that hates looking at spreadsheets.

Another, less formal, example might be that you adore throwing parties or events for your friends and family. Planning a barbeque, gathering the materials, and ensuring everyone has an amazing time, is your idea of heaven.

Marja’s most definite explanation is that:

“A talent is something that is close to you and that you feel”

We often forget to take an objective look at ourselves and our abilities. We analyse ourselves on what people pay us to do and think logically about our value. But you could be missing out on an uncovered diamond.

We become better at what we like to do. When you increase your skill level at something you become more valuable to the people around you.

The theory goes that we are naturally drawn toward tasks that we enjoy. By proxy, we are drawn to bettering ourselves in the areas that we enjoy. Marja talks about one of her daughter’s sudden realisation that they loved acting.

A great way to figure out what talents you’ve yet to unlock is to write down a list of tasks and focus on your emotional reaction to imagining doing that task, for example:

  • Performing on stage
  • Writing
  • Analysing a spreadsheet
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Meeting people

Next to each task or talent, draw a face that represents your immediate emotional reaction to the task.

Once you’ve got a grasp on what you feel connected to, it’s time to ask:

How can you leverage your talents in other areas?

Here comes the hard part. We need to figure out all the different places that you can use and nurture your abilities.

This may require some creative thinking…

In the interview, Ben revealed his talent for dance (you should ask him to show you the next time you meet, you’ll be blown away!). By itself “dance” doesn’t appear to bring much value to the financial area of your life.

However, by being involved in the dance world Ben has the knowledge of all the top dance spots in several major global cities. So, whenever anyone needs advice on where to dance, his friends and friends of friends come to him for that knowledge.

Imagine how many more people he’s met because of this, imagine how much greater his exposure to opportunities is, imagine how much value he’s bringing to people all over the world!

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