John Mark Wilderspin: The human side of financial freedom

In this interview, Nate Chai Skypes with John Mark Wilderspin about mindset and human side of financial freedom. The human side of financial freedom includes the mindset that John needed to become financially free. John also shares his insights on how wealth has affected him and his social circle, and how he is using his wealth to benefit others.

For those with poor internet connections, we’ve written up the interview in note form below the video. When you have time and a stronger internet connection, we do recommend you listen to the insights John Mark Wilderspin shares.

What if you’re not looking to be rich?

For those looking to enjoy wealth and not seeking riches, John suggests investing in a block of flats. Rent out the flats and move to countries where the cost of living is incredibly low. However, he does caution that living life like that can result in incredible boredom.

However, those that are looking to be rich (we’re talking millionaires and multimillionaires) need to find your why or your passion in the world. John’s passion is helping children, he uses his money on going on missions to help and sponsor children.

Once many in John’s circle reached a level of financial freedom that they can live comfortably with, they spend a larger proportion of their time in giving back to society rather than the accumulation of further wealth.

How wealth means you lose some friends

John also recommends finding people that share the goals that you have. He joined a club that lets him hang out with other successful people. However, the journey to wealth requires that you let some friends go.

For example, a few of John’s friends play video games all day and don’t challenge or inspire him. From John’s perspective, you don’t need to cut these people out of your life completely, you can (and perhaps should) spend time with them. However, unless they bring something positive into your life it’s not worth them being in your day-to-day life.

It’s very difficult to know how to let go of friends especially if you are a person that needs to be liked. To help with the challenge of spending less time with friends John changed his life focus. The friends that wanted the things that John was no longer interested in spent less time with him. Here are some great examples John shared in the video.

  1. John quit drinking. As a result, the friends that john used to go drinking with stopped calling him.
  2. John changed his hobbies to include; working out, giving back to the community, and snooker. As a result people who enjoy the same hobbies began to call him up when they want to do those activities.

You need to be focused on your goals, and if your friends want to go down the same path that’s great. One of John’s friends loves drinking, another of his friends runs an exotic car detailing business. John connected the two together. You don’t need to step on your friends to get to the top, but some friends end up holding you back.

Say you go out drinking with your friends one night, you have a great time. The next day you’re hungover and can’t function properly. This gives your competitor a chance to get ahead over your business. With that said, it’s important to relax and socialise with new people. But, you need to make sure that this time is spend doing things that contribute to your life.

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