Rob Aalders: Four Key Ways to Add Value to Everyone

Nate Chai and Rob Aalders discuss five practical ways to provide amazing value to everyone.

Value add is a key component of our recently released book – social magnetism. A book full of insights on how you can create great connections which will ultimately enable you to be successful in any endeavour. In this discussion between entrepreneur, Rob Aalders and Nate Chai, Rob shares his secret sauce on a foundational component of social magnetism – how to add value.

For many reasons beyond the scope of this article, the ability to add value is an unnatural skill for many. However Rob, a master communicator, shares several easy to implement strategies on how you can add value today.

This interview was taken at the JT Foxx family reunion (now Mega Success event) for wealthy entrepreneurs and business people.

Should you have a slow internet connection or cannot hear the interview, you will find a summary of Rob’s value add tips below the video. However, we do recommend you watch and listen to Rob as there are more in-depth insights and learnings than our notes provide.

1. Value is about amazing experiences

One powerful story Rob shared in the interview was the tale of a difficult business meeting. Rob had to get his suppliers to make costly changes to their delivery models, so he invited them all to an event. Now, business negotiations can be stressful for everyone involved, particularly when one party demands a change to the status quo.

However, Rob knew this was to be a difficult meeting, so during the negotiations, he had each supplier’s cars washed and waxed. Imagine how these suppliers felt when they left the event and saw their cars looking beautifully shiny. Instantly they understood that Rob’s business was focussed on long-term relations and that their intention was to provide value to their suppliers.

Whenever you have a difficult conversation or meeting with your clients (or even people close to you) remember to leave them on a high. There’s an old saying that goes something like, “People don’t really remember what you say, or even how you say something. They remember how you made them feel”.

2. Don’t treat every conversation as a transaction

That quote reflects Rob’s philosophy of not being transactional in conversations. Rob feels that wrong signals are sent when you enter a conversation thinking about what they’ll give you and what you’ll get (and vice versa). Instead, enter into each engagement thinking, “how can I transform this relationship?”

You’re dealing with a breathing human being. Stop thinking about bills you have to pay, the commission you’ll earn, or the holiday that you want to go on. Start thinking about how you can help this person achieve whatever it is that they are looking to achieve.

An example of this mindset is Apple’s iPod. On the surface, it seems like a device that plays music. However, the iPod was actually a “pay for what they eat service” so instead of buying an entire album, they could purchase just the songs they wanted. Similarly, the iPod enabled artists to receive greater royalties by providing another platform for them to release their music on.

When you have a conversation, look at all the ways you can help the person you’re talking to. Also, think about how this person can provide value to others, everyone appreciates a great referral.

3. Value is not all about business

Rob’s transformational philosophy also applies outside of the business world. During the interview, he shared two of his rules that he uses in his day-to-day life.

The 3-second rule

Rob’s three-second rule is, “When you meet somebody, you have three seconds to change their state in a more positive way”.

When you meet someone, you have three seconds to make their day better. This may be a simple smile, compliment, or a wink of your eye. The point is that you’ve changed the way that they’re feeling and given them a little positivity boost to help them through their day.

Appreciate the little people

One key way Rob practices his philosophy is to appreciate the people that ensure that everything works the way it should. This could be a waiter that brings you water in a restaurant, the cashier at the supermarket that scans your shopping, or anyone that makes your day go that bit smoother.

These people have given up their time to ensure your life is enhanced. When practising gratitude and appreciating these small gestures, you create win-win scenarios that add to everyone’s happiness.

4. How to give energy to people

Through sharing your energy (be it a simple wink, or getting someone’s car valeted) you provide value to others. Once your mindset shifts into that of servitude, your social magnetism is magnified tremendously. By helping others live happier lives, you create value for others which increases your value to everyone.

More Value Add

If you’d like more top tips on how to bring value to your business relationships or incorporate Rob’s philosophies into your life, send him an email [email protected] or check out his website,

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